about zipporah reshel designs

zipporah reshel designs is a direct merchant of traditional and non traditionally styled tallits, katans, prayer shawls head coverings and modest apparel and accessories for the family and products for the home.We offer products through the Internet and in Judaica shops in communities and synagogues throughout the United States. 

The shop began serving the community in Y2K  with a goal to please its customers with the highest levels of quality and service in our industry, offering products that are within an affordable price range for all income levels of the Jewish, Messianic and God fearing communities while striving to offer designs that are in line with the final authority of the Torah.

unique products that say....

inspiring others to grow

spiritual & mental motivation
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embellished with the finest beading & materials
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custom design pricing for all income levels
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one of a kind designs made to order
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With over twenty-five years of craftsmanship experience Zipporah Resh’el has produced high quality custom garments and accessories and over the years has continually striven to learn new techniques to enhance her creativity to offer products that will be enjoyed for years by her customers.

Zipporah focuses on bringing to you the finest designs, which have been converted into the most exquisite Set- Apart Tallits, Katans, and Modest Apparel.

At Zipporah’s Thimble, we offer a range of apparel that stand apart with their wonderfully designed patterns and beautiful color combinations. When our artisans are not busy with preparing fashion orders, they use the same skills to create new designs with intricate and original patterns to offer new products every few weeks.

Our Garments are embellished with the finest beading and materials which make our garments set apart and yet a fashion that can be worn on an everyday basis.

Zipporah’s Thimble serves our customers as both the manufacturer and distributor. We do all of our own design, embroidery and hand painting in-house. This allows us to manage orders of any size, delivering the highest quality products with fast turn-around and competitive pricing. Every custom garment is paid special attention to, to ship a top notch garment that cannot be found any where else in the industry.

Quality products are our top priority. Zipporah Resh’el is a leader in her industry when it comes to custom clothing and apparel. We provide our customers with the ultimate in fashion and design through our unique embroidery, applique‚ and decoration.

Paying attention to detail, innovation and commitment to quality and craftsmanship results in unique products that say “Precision. Quality. Affordable. Personable.”

Our Mission is to provide our customers with the best made products in the Judaica industry with the simple philosophy of offering competitive pricing, excellent customer service, large selections, & versatility.

This is what sets Zipporah Reshel apart from her competitors.

Our Shop was just revamped ! If you need help or a quote price please email reshel@outlook.com Dismiss