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   Zipporah Reshel Designs (home of Zipporah’s Thimble) is a direct merchant of traditional and non traditionally styled tallits, katans, prayer shawls head coverings, modest apparel & accessories for the family.
I offer products through the Internet and in communities and fellowships throughout the United States and Internationally.
   My goal is to please my customers with the highest levels of quality and service in this industry, offering products that are within an affordable price range for all income levels of the Jewish, Messianic and God fearing communities while striving to offer designs that are in line with the final authority of the Torah.

Zipporah’s Thimble serves as both the manufacturer and distributor.

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front view

The Mekolaw Tallit is created in 100% Linen fabric and has almost every option implemented into this design. Pictured is a custom extra large width of 48 inches wide and the standard length of 72″ in length. The beading is extensive across the main stripe accenting all the colors and bringing them into balance. This tallit design can be done in any color scheme desired.  Once completed though the wearer of this tallit is blessed in daily worship and prayer to the Heavenly Father.

Fabric Colors: Royal Purple, Soft Orchid, Cobalt Blue, Plum Passion.
Tzitzit: 100% Linen: Colors: Egg Plant, Lilac, Navy, Red. Beading: xxsmall glass seeds beads, Colors: iridescent purples and royal blue matte.
Large glass seed beads: Colors: iridescent purples
Pipe beads: Colors: Mettalic Gold 
Embroidery: Lettering: Paleo Hebrew 2 color font in Lavender/Navy.
Border Stitching:Burgundy Red, Sun Gold, Egg Plant Purple, Navy, Lavender. Fringe: Hand loomed 100% Linen fringe bordering the bottom edge in 2 colors:Navy and Egg Plant Purple. 
The Fringe on the bottom edge of the tallit is variegated navy and eggplant to give a royal purple hue…
This design can be altered to your liking. if you like it the way it is with all listed features, click the button let’s get started.

The Shop is still in revamp mode- if you see a product unfinished & you need help or a quote price please email reshel@outlook.comor call 903-926-1378 to place the order ! Dismiss